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Welcome to Northwest Tree Care

If you’re looking for high quality and professional tree services, you’ve come to the right place. At NW Tree Care we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best in tree care services. NW Tree Care is a third generation, professional, arborist company with over 73 years of combined experience in professional tree care. We have highly trained arborists; let us put our experience to work for you!
Seasonal Recommendations


          can be a stressful time for trees due to extreme heat and possible drought. Keep an eye on your trees and shrubs for any wilting. Tree trimming and thinning to reduce weight may need to be done due to foliage and/or new growth, sap and pitch returning in the tree causes pressure and extra weight which can cause damage. Watering in the late evening or early morning prevents water evaporation and helps keep trees properly moist. Organic mulch (such as wood chips from stump grinding or brush chipping) placed approximately 2-4 inches deep can help conserve soil moisture. Mulch should NOT be thick and conically piled at the trunk so that it actually looks like a volcano (aka "volcano mulching") mulch SHOULD BE placed at the base of a tree, not touching the trunk, out from the root flare to the drip line in the shape of a ring (aka "donut mulching"). Fertilizing your trees helps restore nutrients. Summer is a great time to evaluate the health and soil conditions of your trees. ​Trees provide great environmental benefits and economic value when properly placed and cared for.

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